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Certified Pool Operator Training
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The National Swimming Pool Foundation has developed the Certified Pool Operator
program to help address the need for pool operator training world wide.
CPO certification courses are designed to provide individuals with the
basic knowledge, techniques and skills of pool and spa operation. At the
conclusion of study, participants should:
· Understand his or her role as an operator in pool care and management.
· Develop a network of resource materials and personal contacts.
· Identify and minimize physical, biological and chemical hazards..
· Understand the need for testing and documentation.
· Know regulations, industry standards and the importance of a positive
relationship with local governmental agencies.
· Perform pool calculations related to pool equipment measurements and chemical
· Grasp the basic concepts of water quality management, system components and
maintenance, pool and spa design and the special needs of hot water spa
· Upon passing the examination, certification is valid for 5 years

The value of this  training course to you as a property owner or manager is extensive. Having a CPO on staff could assist you in avoiding potential liabilities as well as keeping your equipment in good working condition, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. All commercial, public, apartment complexes, condos, hotels, motels, clubs need a CPO to operate their facilities. The CPO course provides training for efficient, effective, economical and safe use of the aquatic facility.
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