Idaho's Pool and Spa Remodeling Specialists


Idaho Pool Remodeling offers a number of training courses for the homeowner, commercial pool operator and general business classes.   Many of these are convenient on-line courses that allow for learning at your own pace and minimizing time away from work.

Which is best for me?

Professional pool and Spa Operator
The PPSO course was developed to address the most basic needs of the pool operator.  This course addresses Water chemistry, testing, codes and laws, basic calculations and how to correct common problems.  The PPSO encourages the use of modern technology including apps and charts over long math.  The certification is good for 5 years.  f you are new to pool operation, or need the basic education, PPSO would be our suggestion.  Additionally, since the merger of the APSP and NSPF, the PPSO program will be re-branded as the CPO sometime in 2021.

Certified Pool Operator
The CPO has been around since the 70's and has long been the go-to pool operator training program.  This program has additional modules including, renovations, maintenance systems, Heating and air circulation and facility safety which are more in depth than the PPSO.  This certification is good for 5 years.   If you have been in the pool industry a while, or need a more advice certification, CPO is our recommendation.  Additionally, the CPO will be re-branded "CPO Advanced" in 2021.
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