Idaho's Pool and Spa Remodeling Specialists
VGB Act Update
Many of the drain fittings installed a few years ago are at or are getting close to their submerged life!  In order to remain compliant, these need to be replaced!
Commercial Pools & Spas
Commercial pools and spas differ from their residential cousins.  They see a lot more of everything.  More swimmers, more chemicals, more wear and tear.  Throw in governmental regulations or corporate inspectors and the only commonality is the water.

Our founder got his start in the pool industry as a commercial pool operator.  With his years of commercial pool operator experience he knows your concerns.  He can work with staff to negotiate through the corporate budget process, address down time concerns or explain the latest government regulations and everything in between.

Common Commercial Pool and Spa Services
-  Commercial AquaBright 
-  Pool and Spa Re-plastering
-  Adding depth markings to the deck or waterline
-  Diving board removal
-  Adding chemical automation
-  Certified Pool Operator Training
-  Installation of energy efficient pumps, pump controls and heaters.
-  Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGB) drain improvements.
-  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements
-  Energy Audits
-  Replace pool coping and decking
-  Pool inspections
-  Safety winter covers
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